School Information


The School of Excellence has been established by the Vande Mataram Shiksha Samiti for the upbringing of children of our town. This School is especially designed for educating each and every child.

In our city, We didn't have new education system. This school has been providing new concept of education alongwith basic understanding of different behaviour. Practical study and knowledge is the elementary factor of this school.

This school needs co-operation from the people of our town so that we may educate your children in a proper manner.

Philosophy & Objectives

The aims of the school are not only to prepare the students in academic field but also to provide an all round development through sports, intellectual and moral education. Some more aims are 

  • To orient the child to strive for excellence in every field of life.
  • To include the realistic understanding and the appreciation of the culture of India.
  • Recitation, picture reading and story telling to improve their observation, curiosity and concentration.
  • Opportunities provided to use leisure time profitably.
  • To develop the all round personality in order to prepare the child to face the challenges of the life.
  • To prepare an academically, socially and spiritually sound citizen of the world.
  • Bringing the winning habits in students.

Why are we Best?

"Because a child never fails, but passes its whole life suffering for a smile.

And we, at school of excellence strongly believe that every child has the right of innocent smile that is why we have developed unique "Learning by Watching" method.

We do have faith in saving cultural values of our country as well as managing the ultra modern trends, that is why we have towards the balanced growth and progress of the child.

Here at school of excellence we work on the process of "changing an infant into An Excellent Citizen" cordially welcoming you.

More about school...

Education is neigher literacy alone, nor it is academic excellence. Education is the chiselling of man from himself. It is the creation of the cultured man from the natural man".

Having this central idea School of Excellence offers the programme for new infant in which the aim of our treating is not only to make the tenders perfect about bookish knowledge but to provide them subjective knowledge with good conduct, good habits, development of ceremony, high thinking with great disciplinary order. Our aim is to make your kids active endurable, self controlled, energetic and the supreme civilian of the society.

In this way we may give new direction for our society, city and nation as well.